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Hello Lussas, Copenhagen, Amman, Beirut, Berlin, L.A., Buenos Aires, Montreal!

Etats généraux du film documentaire de Lussas
Retrospective Kamal Aljafari
Screening of the three films Recollection, Port of Memory, and The Roof, at the closing night of the festival. With discussion moderated by Christophe Postic.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg – Copenhagen
Danish premiere ofRecollection and presentation of a commissioned video installation, followed by artist talk. Presented in the context of “An Age of Our Own Making” exhibition curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen and Bonaventure Ndikung. Presented at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. Exhibition dates 15.9–20.11, 2016.

Darat al Funun – Amman
Jordan premiere ofRecollection

Dar El-Nimer – Beirut
Screening of Recollectionfollowed by artist talk.

Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU Theatre)
Berlin premiere ofRecollection, followed by Q&A.


Pitzer College – Los Angeles

Keynote lecture for ‘Ruth and Lee Munroe Center for Social Inquiry’ lecture series.

Screenings at UCLA and USC.


The Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento (BIM) – Buenos Aires

Kamal Aljafari is a featured artist and main guest of the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimento.


Cinémathèque québécoise – Montreal

Retrospective of filmworks by Kamal Aljafari.

Past events:

Short Filmmaking Lab with Kamal Aljafari organized by Doha Film Institute

Resulting in five unique short films, the lab introduced place, memory and identity as subjects of cinema and a means to making films. Twelve emerging filmmakers from Qatar took part in the intensive workshop that introduced them to the questions, practices and challenges of filmmaking today, and touched upon the porous boundaries between fiction and non-fiction. > info

Illustration of Recollection by Tomoyo Hiroishi

Selected Reviews:

Kamal Aljafari: Unfinished Balconies in the Sea, by Nathalie Handal, Guernica, 18.2.2016
Kamal Aljafari has built a city, by Eve Mykytyn, MWC News, 23.2.2016
Lost City, How Palestinian filmmaker Kamal Aljafari recreated what settlement projects destroyed, by Dimitri Nasrallah, The Walrus, 29.1.2016
Reclaiming Phantoms in Kamal Aljafari’s "Recollection", by Shimrit Lee, War Scapes, March 7, 2016

"Kamal Aljafari is the chronicler of the inchronicable, visionary of the faded out. Somewhere between the early Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí (Un Chien Andalou) and the late Mani Kaul’s entire magnificent œuvre, in his film, Recollection, Kamal Aljafari has tapped on a disquieting vision of the ruins and debris in material and memorial, pushing as he does his previous work forward by leaps and bounds. The significance of this work is manifold, achieving two contradictory tasks in particular:  dismounting the omniscient camera and staging the relic. By allowing the memory to stage and announce itself, an enduring philosophical task made essential as early as in Walter Benjamin’s prophetic turn to relics and ruins in his theory of allegory, Aljafari wonders: who is watching, who is watching the watcher, and by what authority? The damning question—Quis custodiet ipsos custodies—is here staged with astonishing confidence and ease, with the threadbare power of a visionary artist taking the instrumentality of his own art to task. The result is uncanny – you feel you have been there – but where, when, how, and now what?” 

– Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University, New York